1st Communication from our President

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
We had just had the successful AFCMA Congress in Hong Kong. Grateful thanks to Dr. Peter Au yeong and Dr. Michael Poon and the rest of the Organising Committee.
I must thank you for having faith in me by electing me as the new AFCMA President. I am rather worried whether I can carry such a heavy responsibility. Nevertheless I am comforted by the fact that I have a strong Council consisting of experienced and young enthusiastic members to run the Association with me.
I must stress that we are all doing this for HIS Greater Glory. I pray that the Holy Spirit will envelope all of us, to empower us in our efforts and zeal in trying to continue with and improve on the good work that the previous AFCMA Council had achieved. We must also commit ourselves to adopting and following the Resolutions made at the 14th AFCMA Congress in showing respect for ‘Human Dignity’ by our words and actions.
Finally for logistic reason I think that it is best we communicate by e-mail.
Thank you and God Bless Everyone.
Yours Sincerely in Christ,
Dr. Freddie Loh

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