AFCMA Committees

There are 2 AFCMA Committees namely Overseas Mission Committee and Bioethics Committee. The Chairperson and members of these 2 committee are as follows;

Medical Mission Committee: Chairman–Dr. John Lee (Singapore) assisted by Dr. Michael Poon (Hong Kong), Other Committee Members: Dr. Freddie Loh (Malaysia), Mr. Savoeun Choung (Cambodia), Dr. John Tang (Taiwan) and Dr. Kwang-ho Meng (Korea).

Bioethics Committee : Chair Person–Dr. Edna G Monzon (Philippines), Other Committee Members: Dr. Peter Au Yeong (Hong Kong), Dr. Buichi Ishijima (Japan), Dr. John Hui (Singapore), Prof. Hung-chi Lue (Taiwan) and Dr.Chong Khin Yam (Malaysia).