Message of the AFCMA President at Exco Meeting 2016

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, 

First of all, let us all thank God for it is because of His grace that we can all meet here in Kyoto for the 16th Congress of AFCMA. I would like to congratulate all the organizing committee under the leadership of Dr. Buiichi as the Chairman for all the hard work they have put together to coordinate this event. I would like to express my appreciation also to the Japan Catholic Medical Association under the leadership Shigeki Hitomi MD as the president for hosting the congress.

I would like to sincerely thank you all members who have entrusted AFCMA under my care in the last 4 years. I especially thank all the Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, and all AFCMA committee members who have assisted me throughout my tenure as President. I would also appreciate Fr Gino and John Lee for their advices. I would like to also offer my deepest apologies for not being able to facilitate all the ideas you have put across to us and for not being able to organise more events to accommodate your needs.

I am, however, genuinely proud that all of us collectively have achieved a lot in the past four years. Among our achievements are:

  1. We have provided financial assistance and organised fundraising events to assist the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2012.
  2. We actively participated in the FIAMC Executive Committee Meeting in Rome, Italy in 2013, although I had to be absent due to my untimely hospitalisation. The report from this meeting was presented by Dr Patricia from Singapore.
  3. We successfully held the FIAMC Congress and its Executive Meeting in Manila in 2014.
  4. We successfully held the AFCMA Executive Meeting in Manila which aimed to improve communication between AFCMA members.
  5. We have communicated our Easter and Christmas messages to all AFCMA members and our messages have always been featured in the FIAMC publications.

We have also attempted in establishing a better website for AFCMA in addition to the current Blogspot site. Unfortunately this has not been effectively utilised. I am hoping that the next AFCMA president would be able to accept this challenge for a better communication between members and provide better mechanisms for information and knowledge exchange. I am confident that all of us can utilise the advances in information technology to our advantage.

Finally, as I am stepping down from my presidency, I would like to wish you all the very best and I offer my prayers for a meaningful congress in Kyoto and for a better organisation under the leadership of the next President. May we all continue to be great proclaimers of the Gospel, who live our Christian values not just through our words but also through our actions in saving people’s lives. God bless us all.

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